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Petros Peritos

Petros Peritos


I am fascinated by the way buildings shape the environment and impact people's lives. A San Francisco native, the city’s architecture and diverse neighborhoods inspired me to study architecture. Design is a language spoken in my family – my mother who worked in the interior design industry introduced me to design principles, aesthetics, functionality, and an understanding of construction methods. This experience shaped my appreciation for the importance of details and how they contribute to the overall design of a space.

Having been a track athlete competing at the state level, I have the drive to push myself to be the best. I believe that something can always be developed and improved, which is a mindset that I bring to my studies and my design work.

I am excited to use my skills to make a positive impact on the world. When I'm not studying or working on projects, I enjoy exploring the city's hidden gems and trying new restaurants.

B.Arch Community Building Award

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