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Art Education student teachers adapt successfully to lead both virtual and onsite classes

About School of Art Education

Teachers who inspire a new generation of artists.

The best teachers are lifelong learners. At the Academy of Art University's School of Art Education, students become both skilled artists as well as dynamic and innovative educators.

Our comprehensive program creates energetic leaders who are ready to share their passion, creativity, and knowledge with their students. Through hands-on fieldwork in classrooms, museums, and community settings, students develop inspirational artistry and sound teaching techniques that lead to classroom success.

There are two different presentations included in this year's Spring Show:

MA in Art Education Capstone Project

Students create a documentary that showcases the creation and application of an original art program, as well as an autobiography that highlights the student’s art portfolio.

MAT in Teaching Capstone Project

Students create an Artist/Educator Documentary that culminates student learning and growth by identifying and analyzing who they are as an artist and educators.

Companies That Have Hired Our Graduates

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For more information on these skilled artists and designers, call 415-618-8899, or email us