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Capstone Project - The Family Forever Program
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Chia-Ni Wu

Chia-Ni Wu

Art Education / MA

My name is Chia-Ni, I am from Taiwan, and I graduated with dual degrees in Art Education and Illustration at the Academy of Art University.
I'm an educator. I am passionate about teaching children. I believe that building close relationships with students is the foundation of a well-run classroom. I have 2 years of teaching experience. My goal is to be an art educator who can influence the next generation through art and help them recognize the beauty of art by studying Art Education.

I'm also an illustrator. I mainly work with digital painting and traditional painting. I am passionate about celebrating diversity through my work, weaving stories through shapes and colours, inspired by feelings, dreams and everyday life. My art intends to represent strong confident characters living in vibrant worlds which are often a fusion between real life and my imagination.

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