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Medium: Ceramic. Porcelain and glaze
"Like Water on Fire"
Medium: Ceramic. Raku glazed and fired stoneware
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Aaron C. Friedman

Aaron C. Friedman

Fine Art / BFA

Aaron Friedman is a ceramic artist working in San Francisco, California.
His sculptural work addresses themes of grief, sexuality, queerness, politics and identity. These are rendered through a childlike, almost cartoonish abstraction of recognizable imagery and eye catching brightness; he aims to engage the viewer enough to draw them in, but not to hit the over the head with the works intended meaning, leaving them to impart their own experiences onto it.

His abstract work aims to similarly engage the viewer, yet through sensual tactility and harmony within its environment.

He works primarily in mid to high fire stoneware and porcelain, using a variety of glazes both handmade and commercial. Underglazes, slips and mason stained clay bodies are also employed. He takes great pleasure in experimentation and trial and error.

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