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Medium: Oil
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Anna Ilievska

Anna Ilievska

Fine Art / MA

My name is Anna, and I am an emerging artist exploring the human experience through nature, abstracted shapes, and still life represented in oil mediums.

I was lucky enough to grow up close to nature. I had a chance to watch its glorious explosion of colors every spring, the cheerfulness of summer blossom, the gentle, nostalgic palette of the fall, and the calm 'paints' of the wintertime.

And out of all the beauty nature holds, flowers amazed me the most.
In the eternal change of life events, with its joys and challenges, endless searches for answers to unasked questions, and constant strive for more, nature around me (expressed in flowers) returns those childhood memories and helps me stop for a moment to capture such a fragile and almost elusive beauty of every moment; reminding me of a balance, there is.

The primary focus of my current body of work is to show the human figure (face) emerging from a veil of some abstract shapes that may relate to natural elements such as florals, fire, water, etc., emphasizing the beauty of the symbiosis between the two.

My portfolio exemplifies the use of color, texture, and line to create vibrant and expressive pieces. I also draw inspiration from my life, making my work profoundly personal and emotionally charged. I have a passion for creating art that is both engaging and meaningful.

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