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Caroline Exner

Caroline Exner

Fine Art / MA

Caroline Exner is a curious creature. An avid learner, she's studied everything from psychology to aviation, and organic farming to fine art. In addition, she has a deep love and reverence for nature and ecology. If you're looking for her, best check a local trail for a woman walking barefoot with an adorable black and white pup.

For Caroline, creating paintings is a physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual endeavor. She seeks to reveal and project wisdom gained from life experiences, all while remaining deeply rooted in the present moment.

Caroline believes the more you celebrate and exude your authentic self, speak your truth, and live your heart's desire, the more space and confidence those around you have to do the same. So she leans into bravely expressing herself, as a painter and a person, as a means to wildly and beautifully change our world.

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