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Howie Huang

Howie Huang

Fine Art / BFA

Who - Hua Xiao Huang is an art student in San Francisco

What - He uses sculpture, painting, and installation art as means of expression.

Theme - He likes to find his artistic inspiration in dreams and connect it with real life. Exploring the subconscious is something he has been doing, and he often uses images of various things in his dreams as a way of expressing his art. His themes are often about fantasy, punk, and utopia, which are his feelings about life and his fantasies about things he yearns for.

How - Today, Xiao mainly uses clay sculpture as his artistic presentation form. Paper clay, air dried clay, oil based clay, water based clay, and so on are all materials he often uses. In addition, he has also tried some clay used for making porcelain, such as Chinese purple sand clay.

Where - He worked in San Francisco for 5 years, while before that, he had lived and worked in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China for 4 years. He graduated from The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2018 and has been studying at AAU since 2018.

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