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Janet Kai

Janet Kai

Fine Art / MFA

My intention as an abstract expressionistic landscape artist is to express the energy, I feel with all my senses within the landscape I am immersing and studying to transposing these oscillating electrons of synergy onto a platform – canvas, wood or glass using oils, gouche, and or acrylic paints.

My focus is on creating a series of abstract expressionistic landscape paintings of San Francisco coastal areas and the California landscape, studying nature’s organic shapes of the coastal waters, and sandy beaches, as well as the accompanying scenes of grasslands, hills and mountains.

My works consist of semi-geometric forms, lines, and shapes, reflecting the environmental mood through color using high-key and/ or low-key values using a palette knife, drywall trowel, brushes, and my hands. My motivation is to inspire others, as well as myself, to "Just Paint What Moves You" let loose, enjoy nature, paint for yourself, and indulge in the flow of creativity.

–Janet Kai

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