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Kaela Lewis

Kaela Lewis

Fine Art / BFA

Every Cityscape in this collection is one I’ve sat in front of, marveled at, and savored. They are glimpses of my mind I have captured from the comfort yet chaos they’ve brought me, I hope you also get a taste of their potency. The colors, mood, and composition I use seek to echo the beautiful but abandoning feeling of San Francisco with each hue to create bold, bright, daring pieces.

Kaela Lewis is a visual artist born and raised in Orange County, CA. In 2019 she began her art journey to receive her Bachelor's degree in Fine Art at the Academy of Art University. Kaela has been included in various exhibitions including The Commonwealth’s “Bay Light Mixer” here in San Francisco. Her latest work features a mural in Fisherman’s Warf located in the cannery. Her design for the mural captures her love for the city, as well as, art history as she includes some of her favorite artists like Basquiat, Picasso, and Van Gough.

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