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Michaela Cittadini

Michaela Cittadini

Fine Art / MFA

Here is my journey of discovery and growth. I have attended art history classes and courses at the Art Design Institute in Prague and the Art Lovers Academy at DSC Art Gallery in Prague. I have also taken online courses offered by Sotheby’s Art Institute, including “The Intelligent Eye: The Art of Collecting” and Art History. Today I am doing my master degree in art (MFA) at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

In addition to my formal education and training, I am also a self-taught artist who has attended many open ateliers and art courses throughout the world. At the beginning of my career, I mostly created oil paintings but I have also worked with ceramics and beads to create beautiful organic vases and beaded necklaces.

In San Francisco I am influenced by the Californian life. The colors around me inspire me; I love the ocean and long walks along the beaches. My recent paintings are mostly inspired by my trip to New Zealand and Australia. Other paintings were inspired by my travels across the Midwest, including the colors of the hot springs in Yellowstone Park and the deserts of Moab. I like to paint fantastic organic shapes and worlds. I love to work with acrylic fluids and inks.

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