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Justin Wagner

Landscape Architecture / BFA

Justin is a talented landscape designer with a passion for urban planning and 3D design. He currently works at Robert Boro Landscape Architecture, a firm based in Fresno, California. His work includes commercial projects with local hospitals and schools, as well as small-scale to large multi-acre residential projects.

Through his work, Justin hopes to create functional outdoor spaces that enhance the built environment and promote social equity, using his skills in 3D modeling and design to create innovative and boundary-pushing designs in the field of landscape architecture.

His most recent design proposal is 'La Vita In Se Stesso', a thought-provoking project aimed at promoting sustainable practices and ecological restoration. The project consists of three pavilions made from recycled plastic mesh material located in Torbiere del Sebino, a protected wetland area in Italy. Each pavilion provides natural habitats for various organisms and offers educational opportunities for the public.

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