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Marisa Camplin

Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media / MA

Knock Out, Short Film Description:
A passive woman must endure a very noisy neighbor who causes issues with her work-from-home living situation. A horrible boss continues to reduce her down below her potential as her best friend at work urges her to break out on their own. It isn’t until she learns how to box that helps fuel the inner strength she needs to free herself from all the things holding her down.

Film Director's Statement:
This film is about a woman who needs to speak up for herself and find her voice. The original vision for my film is inspired by the stories of many women friends, family and of course my own experiences.

Brene Brown, one of my favorite women leaders today, talks about the need to set boundaries by speaking up for oneself vs. enduring the soul sucking fury of resentment. This idea really resonated with me. She’ll be the first to tell you on stage in front of thousands of people that she is flawed like the rest of us. But it's easy to see that she likes to have fun.

That inspired me to tell this story as a dramedy. While certain subjects can feel boggy and heavy, I like the idea of presenting a story with lighter notes that ring true to life. Not everything that doesn't serve us is horrible and bad. Sometimes the sheer absurdity and humility that goes along with growing up today is funny and entertaining too. I wanted to bring that out in this film.

Director Biography:
Marisa Camplin is a filmmaker, writer and director located in NYC.

NXTUPfest 2023 Nominee: Picture over 12 minutes: Knock Out
NXTUPfest 2023 Nominee: Best Director over 12 minutes: Knock Out
WINNER: Picture Over 12

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