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Prentiss Chavers

Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media / MFA

Secrets In The Shadows: While searching for an answer to become mortal and find his soulmate, a centuries old vampire finds himself in the crosshairs of his vengeful maker and an unsuspecting foe.

My name is PC Chavers, and I am a screenwriter based in New Orleans, and in my final semester at AAU, studying Writing for Motion Pictures and Television. While this wasn't always what I envisioned myself doing, it wasn't until I stepped on set of my first feature film production that I fell in love with the cinematic process. Upon seeing the cast and crew work diligently to create a film, I became captivated and knew working in this business was something I had to do. I have always loved writing stories but scriptwriting was different. I initially thought I wanted to work as a cinematographer or even a director. But after taking my first screenwriting course in college, I found myself engrossed in the process of developing an idea into a script...and my road to screenwriting began.

NXTUPfest Nominee - Screenplay: Secrets in the Shadows

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