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Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

Acting / BFA

Looking back on those hot summer Sacramento days of my youth, I see the beginning seeds of my acting career. Me and my crew got through those parched summer days by taking on the identities of the local peeps we ran into all the time. We became them in our games of hide and seek, cops and robbers, tag, house, even hot lava. There was no way Jeffrey, the 7-11 store clerk that my best friend Adonte was playing, was going to catch and tag me, Ricky, the badass security guard at our school.

An acting elective in high school led me to audition for the lead in The Importance of Being Ernest. I didn't expect to get the part, but I did. From there on in, I knew where I was going. The only thing stopping me was money, and lack of self-confidence and self-discipline.

The Marine Corps solved that problem. I got to see the world: Japan, Chile, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Germany, and Brazil. My horizons: opened and expanded: not everyone was like me. Not everyone had what I had, and I didn't have what they had.

Six years later, here I am, graduating with a BFA in Acting from Academy of Art University. Trained to take on characters in movies, TV series, web series, and bring to life their imperfect ways of dealing with the conflicts that besiege them. A whirling dervish, ready to get out there and share my love for the art of acting, entertain audiences, move them, make them laugh.

Outside of acting, you can find me developing apps, racing motorcycles from NorCal to SoCal, and instructing regular folks how to use firearms safely.

NXTUPfest 2023 Nominee: Actor-Drama: In Darkness Are Stars

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