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Antje Kann

Landscape Architecture / MFA

As a future landscape architect, the aspects of the profession that resonate with me the most are planning, designing, and communicating about projects. I am passionate about understanding the users of a space and designing beautiful and functioning natural spaces that address those users’ needs and that fit within the context of their surroundings. I’m most inspired by projects in the public domain that incorporate the creation or restoration of native ecosystems, elements of environmental justice, and sustainable design.

During my previous career developing mathematical modeling software, I similarly specialized in researching user needs and addressing them through a well-designed software tool. However, in my spare time I usually found myself thinking about nature, placemaking, and design. Once I became aware of the profession of landscape architecture, I decided to change careers. The Academy of Art University was a great fit due to its hybrid onsite and online program, the fact that classes are taught by practitioners, and the curriculum’s focus on site-specific and sustainable designs. Upon completion of my studies, I will seek out a role that makes use of my full skill set and that allows me to contribute at a level where I can make a difference.

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