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Ariana Delaney

Landscape Architecture / PEUG

My name is Ariana Delaney and I'm from beautiful Washington State. I have always had a fondness for gardening and exploring the outdoors, so taking a course in Landscape Architecture this spring has been a natural step for me. I have been enjoyed sharpening my art and presentation skills, and getting out to a nature preserve near where I live has been a refreshing experience. Since I've been visiting all semester, I've been able to see the seasons change slowly from winter to spring, and it's been fascinating to be honed in on the smallest and largest details that change has brought over the last few months. Being plugged into a site near where I live has also been rewarding as I have been learning the names and characteristics of different native species which I can now easily identify as I go about my daily life. I'm looking forward to witnessing even more changes as spring gives way to summer and continue sharpening my artistic skills even after I've finished my courses in landscape architecture.

This project was completed for LAN 115: Ecological Foundations of Design, a first semester undergraduate class that focuses on increasing your knowledge of natural processes and systems and their interrelationships as well as honing your observation and documentation skills. Through the use of photographs, sketches, field notes, and research you will begin to understand how the various individual components, environmental relationships and ecological processes contribute to the unique identity or "sense of place" found on any given site.

The course also focuses on how to analyze the layers of information in your site inventory and shows you how that analysis can inform design decisions.

This semester, these skills and knowledge have been applied to a site I chose: Bob Heirman Wildlife Park in Snohomish County, Washington in order to create a "Sense of Place" booklet. We'll eventually select a portion of that site to study and produce a site analysis and conceptual site plan.

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