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Hava Turner

Motion Pictures & Television / BFA

My name is Hava Turner and I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. I knew I wanted to work in the film industry when I was eight-years-old and got to watch, Phillip Noyce’s, "Rabbit Proof Fence.". My focus in my early years had always been on the story, and my connection to what was happening with the characters. But with "Rabbit Proof Fence," I found myself mesmerized intrigued by how the film was actually made, and how Noyce chose the three main young girls, who had never acted before. After watching the movie, film became more than a form of escapism. It became my entry into a world, where I could create characters who resembled me or people I wanted to know.

During my studies int the School of Motion Pictures and Television at Academy of Art University (AAU), I created and directed AAU’s first virtual reality narrative short film, an AAU NXT UP Film Festival-nominated documentary, directed a music video, my narrative short thesis film, worked on podcasts, and got the chance to PA on the "Matrix Resurrections," feature film.

My near-term goal is to build upon my professional experience by continuing to work in various roles on film sets while pushing toward my long-term goal of directing feature films and limited series. Ultimately, I’m striving to create films that work as a new avenue to growth and a personal form of catharsis for audiences. I want to create art that gives my viewers the same experience I had when watching Rabbit Proof Fence for the first time.

NXTUPfest nominee: Shot in a Day: Clown Dentist
NXTUPfest nominee: Picture Under 12 min: In Darkness are Stars
NXTUPfest nominee: Directing Under 12 min: In Darkness are Stars
WINNER: Picture Under 12 min: In Darkness Are Stars

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